Prefabricated solutions do not suit every situation and in such circumstances, RBRT can provide complete loose stick framing materials in a variety of timber products. Some of our Timber Products include:-

  1. Structural Pine (either treated or untreated)
  2. Hardwood (GOS, KD)
  3. Battens (Pine, Hardwood)
  4. OSB & Ply Bracing
  5. LVL
  6. IBeams
  7. Glulam Beams (17C, 18C, 21C, Reinforced)
  8. Plywood & Particleboard Flooring
  9. Hardwood Flooring & Decking
  10. AC Sheeting
  11. Hardware products
Experienced sales staff can provide the technical detail and accuracy necessary to complete your next order.


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