Prenail FRAMES        



Prefabricated Wall Frames are a cost-effective and, faster building option. An individually designed, Engineered product, they are erected on-site with ease, within millimeter precision to form a sustainable, timber frame building.

Like RBRT Trusses, our Pre-Nail Frames are manufactured from the highest quality, materials and design technology. Our pre-fabricated wall frames are designed for strength and flexibility. This is predominantly untreated or treated Kiln Dried Pine, with appropriate KD Pine, KD Hardwood or Engineered Timber "heads". RBRT can provide Pre-Nail Frames to the exact specifications of your design.

The Pre-Nail Frame panels are rapidly erected on site and, together with RBRT trusses to form the roof, the structure of the building can be created in a matter of days. This enables the builder to apply the roof a lot sooner to produce a weather tight environment to work in.


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